About Piotr Grzesik

Hello there, my name is Piotr and for the past few years I've been working as a Software Engineer and Engineering Manager, most recently at Serverless, Inc., where I help maintain an open-source project called Serverless Framework.

I consider myself a product-minded engineer. I'm very passionate about understanding users' needs and solving their problems.

When it comes to technologies, most recently I've been focusing on serverless solutions on AWS Cloud, writing code mostly in Python and JavaScript. While being a backend engineer for the better part of my career, I'm not afraid of doing some frontend or infrastructure work whenever needed. I also like sharing my knowledge and over the years I've had a chance to speak at a few meetups and conferences. Most recently I've also been giving guest lectures at the Silesian University of Technology.

Whenever I'm not coding, I'm probably wandering in the mountains or assembling a new LEGO set with my wife.

On my blog, I plan to share insights, tutorials, and examples, focusing on topics like serverless architecture, infrastructure as code, and cloud computing.

You can find me online on Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub.