Firestarters Global Challenge - week 1

| 1 min read


Hello everyone!

This is my first entry about Firestarters Global. It is a very interesting challenge, where you are trying to launch a new side business, spending at most $500.

In the next few weeks, I will be trying to launch my first online product - premium starter templates for building Discord, Slack, and Telegram bots.

What happened last week?

The first week was a bit hectic in my case. The biggest challenge was to decide what I should focus on first. In order to simplify that, I built a small internal roadmap for the project, to keep myself on track and not get distracted by things like selecting a template for the product's landing page. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to finish the landing page before the end of the week. In addition to that, I've built a small MVP of the product, that I will be gradually expanding in the upcoming weeks.

What is the goal for the next week?

Main goals for the next week:

  • Finalize landing page and share it with potential customers
  • Prepare a survey to better understand the needs of potential customers
  • Continue work on the product's MVP


Spent - $0

So far, I didn't need to spend anything. MVP that I'm working is running on AWS' Free Tier so far. I'm also lucky enough to already have access to cyberFolks hosting that I will use for landing page.

Earned - $0

Nothing to add here, there's no product or landing for the product yet!