Firestarters Global Challenge - week 3

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Hello again!

This is my third entry about Firestarters Global.

In the next few weeks, I will be trying to launch my first online product - premium starter templates for building Discord, Slack, and Telegram bots.

What happened last week?

Unforutnately, the third week was pretty uneventful when it comes to the project's progress. I was off for vacation for pretty much the whole time, and there were too many things to handle, which resulted in almost zero time that I could dedicate to the project. Bummer, but sometimes life happens and that is also a good lesson. I'm not giving up though, and I'm determined to make some meaningful progress in the next few days.

What is the goal for the next week?

Main goals for the next week are the same as previously:

  • Wrap up landing & survey
  • Continue work on the product's MVP


Spent - $0

Earned - $0