Firestarters Global Challenge - week 4

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Hello again!

This is my fourth entry about Firestarters Global.

In the next few weeks, I will be trying to launch my first online product - premium starter templates for building SaaS applications.

What happened last week?

Last week was much better than the previous one, but I'm still not fully happy with the final results. One important thing happened though. I made a change to my original business idea. During research and when building initial MVPs, I realised that while Discord, Slack, or Telegram bots are useful, people will be less likely to pay for templates for building them, as it's not as complicated, so it might be hard to monetize that. Instead, I decided to switch to my initial idea - SaaS Starter template(s). At first, I thought that it's a bit too ambitious to build that product during the challenge. But it was coming back to me every week, and I realised that even if I don't manage to publish my first version of the product during the challenge, I can still make meaningful progress towards shipping it a bit later. It will also allow me to use my previous experiences with building SaaS applications and translate them into a easily extendable, full-feature templates that will allow to bootstrap your project faster and save time on making decisions like which framework to choose and so on.

Okay, so the above was about this small pivot, but what else did I do last week? I finally did great progress on landing page & email form for people that might be interested in the product - I'm still missing proper form integration so I'm not ready to show it to the world yet, but that's gonna change next week. I also have the survey that I plan to share in 2 communities later this week. I'm hoping it will help me better understand the needs and what are the features that I should focus on in the first iteration. I also have a basic skeleton of the template that I will be expanding in the coming weeks.

PS. I'm still planning to release the bot templates at some point, but probably as open source projects.

What is the goal for the next week?

Main goals for the next week:

  • Release landing page to the world
  • Share survey and gather at least 10 responses
  • Continue work on the product's MVP


Spent - $10

This week I bought a domain, I will use it as a landing page for my product.

Earned - $0