Firestarters Global Challenge - week 5

| 1 min read


Hello again!

This is my fifth entry about Firestarters Global.

In the next few weeks, I will be trying to launch my first online product - premium starter templates for building SaaS applications.

What happened last week?

It was a pretty good week. I finally organized myself to a point where I could spend a bit more time working on the project. The result of that is the live landing page. Its not ideal yet, but I learned the hard way that trying to make something perfect is the best way to not do it at all. I also made some progress on survey and MVP of the actual product. More to come on that front next week!

What is the goal for the next week?

Main goals for the next week:

  • Share the landing page with wider audience
  • Finish survey and gather at least 10 responses
  • Finalize analysis of pricing
  • Continue work on the product's MVP


Spent - $10

No changes this week, I'm using tools that I already had access to prior to starting the project.

Earned - $0